For the past few weeks during lockdown, we’ve been offering artists free feedback on their biographies and EPKs. We’ve had a lot of great discussions with artists about ways how they can improve their biographies, and we saw a lot of the same things cropping up, so here are some top tips to writing your biography, as well as annotated example of a biography.

Top tips when writing your biography:

1. Don’t ramble!

- When you’re writing about yourself, you’re either not going to know where to start, or you’ll end up writing too much - you need to find the middle ground. One main reason you’re going to be using your biography is going to be pitching for opportunities, and it’s likely there are going to be a lot of artists, probably very similar to you, who will be pitching for the same opportunity. It’s for this reason it’s important that you get straight to the point and keep the attention of the reader, as you may only have a few seconds of their time.

2. Bold the important parts 

If someone is skimming through your biography, you want to make sure they’re getting all the best, most important pieces of information. If you’ve included a big achievement in your biography, whether it be a publication you’ve been featured in or an artist you’ve played with, make sure it’s in bold so the reader can instantly pick that information up.

3. Use hyperlinks  

There are links you are going to want to include in your biography like links to your music, but if you’re inserting multiple links, this can clog up your biography,making it look messy and difficult to read. Any links you want to include, use hyperlinks in the text to ensure the reader can visit these pages if they wish to, but the hyperlinks make it less intrusive and tidier.

4. Make it relevant 

The same as when you’re writing a cover letter for a job, you make it relevant to the job or opportunity you’re applying for. A large proportion of your biography will be relevant in all circumstances, but there will be different avenues your biography may be required to adapt to. For example, if you’re using your biography to pitch for a live opportunity, you may go into more detail about what can be expected from your live show, as opposed to the writing or production process behind your music, which may be more appropriate if you were pitching for a sync or writing opportunity.

Below is an example of a biography I have used in the past, and I have annotated it with notes and comments so you know why I have included specific things. This was a biography used for festival submissions, therefore it is more focused on the artists’ live appearances:

Blushes are a 4 piece indie-RnB/Pop band (instantly mention genre) based in Aylesbury, UK (location is also important). The band have been discovered by NME (highlight important achievements) and were featured by their Under The Radar programme and from this, the band were personally approached by BBC Radio 1's Phil Taggart (names create familiarity) to play their track To The Bone. They have also received features and support from HMV, BPI and UK Music as well as being featured on London Live and BBC Introducing. The band have been fortunate enough to feature in NME's 100 Artists for 2018 list and they also had a 4 page spread in the magazine. The band have played Standon Calling on the BBC Introducing stage, and closed the Bella Stage at Wilkestock Festival in 2018. (Live performance highlights)

The band's live performance is highly praised consistently for the band's incredible passion and energy on stage. The band's set is a mixture of pop tracks to dance along to, as well as a couple of slower, yet still powerful, tracks. The 4 piece bounce off each other throughout the performance, allowing the audience to enjoy it just as much as them. (Description/focus on the band’s live performance)

“Tonight I saw the future and it's Blushes" - Reprezent FM (Testimonials from familiar names, sells “product” further)

"We'd absolutely recommend seeing this incredible band dance about the stage for an evening, it's incredible" - Indie Central Music

Blushes have recently filmed a session with BBC Introducing which you can view here (”Here” would be hyperlinked with the link) which gives you an idea of the band's live performance. You can listen to the band's tracks on Spotify here, and read their EPK here. (Give them the opportunity to read more about you if they want to)

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