Wow! I can’t believe we’re finally here!

Almost exactly 11 months ago, I decided to make the jump and launch my own management company and 321 Artists was born. I set up a Facebook and Instagram page straight away and was blown away by the instant support and interest it received. But I didn’t really do much else with 321 Artists, and it took a long time to get everything right.

I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve from 321 Artists, I wanted to develop emerging artists and give them opportunities that they may have thought were out of reach. I’m the type to want to get everything done right now, to have everything planned way in advance, and always know what’s going on. But I quickly found that when you’re working in a team, not everyone can work to your time ambitions and things can slow down. Life can take over and it means that some things are removed from the foreground, which led to 321 Artists not fully launching as we had hoped initially.


But we’ve done it. It’s taken little longer than expected, but I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve created. 321 Artists is a space that allows artists to create and develop, and with an artist manager/consultant, graphic designer, producer, videographers and photographers on the team, with the team constantly expanding, we’ve got all the tools at an artist’s reach, to allow them to shape their brand all in one place.

Throughout this week, we’re introducing you to each component of 321 Artists, including this brand new blog, which will be full of new artist discovery, we’ve got interviews with industry professionals which any emerging artist cannot afford to miss, and our own ramblings. We’ll be sharing our new artist management roster, as well as new programmes that we’ve been working really hard on.

Whether you’ve been following our journey from day 1, or you’ve just come across our company today, welcome to 321 Artists.

Ella x

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