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Use Your Missing Knowledge As An Opportunity

When I first founded 321 Artists and had the ambition of wanting to educate and support emerging artists, someone asked me “What skills and experience do you have to justify being able to do that?” and it’s something I’ve often come back to...

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321 Artists Q&A - In depth

We recently completed our first ever Q&A over on Instagram and had a lot of really interesting questions asked that we couldn’t answer in the detail we really wanted to! So, here are some of the questions we were asked, I hope you find them useful!

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Let’s write a biography together..

For the past few weeks during lockdown, we’ve been offering artists free feedback on their biographies and EPKs. We’ve had a lot of great discussions with artists about ways how they can improve their biographies, and we saw a lot of the same things cropping up, so here are some top tips to writing your biography,

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10 Tips for Getting Ahead of the Game during Lockdown

I’ve spoken to so many artists over the past few weeks, feeling pretty deflated and unsure how to progress during lockdown, so here are ten things you can do as an emerging artist to get ahead of the game during lockdown.

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Social media is tough. The amount of platforms there are out there that you could promote yourself on and you’re expected to keep active is a bit of a headache, so a lot of artists tend to prioritise. A lot of artists I have worked with often prioritise Instagram and when I ask about Facebook, they sink in their seats and say “We don’t really use our Facebook page”.

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It’s at this point of the year that our timelines are filled of artists travelling around the country, playing at various festivals, or announcing their Autumn tours, and basically look as if they’re having the time of their lives and everything is going perfectly for them. And it’s also the point of the year where a sense of jealousy and frustration hits for a lot of artists, as well as artist managers.

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You probably realised very quickly that being a musician isn’t just about writing the songs and playing live shows, there is a lot of work and organisation that is required by the scene. If you’re not used to having to be so organised, this may come as a struggle, so we’re sharing our top 5 tips to help you out.

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Playing gigs for free? Know your worth.

This week an artist I work with was offered the biggest opportunity of their career so far, and I turned it down, and they thanked me for it.

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Why I Wrote An Ebook For Emerging Artists

For the past year, I’ve been working on an ebook which is full of advice for emerging artists on how to gain exposure on social media and booking high quality gigs. I really wanted the ebook to be conversational and feel as if the reader and myself were discussing it over a cup of tea.

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Dear Blushes

Dear Blushes, Today is the third anniversary of you starting as a band, and today you’ve released your final single ‘Close’ before parting ways. I’ve thought so much about everything we all achieved, together and individually within the time we worked together and man, I have the biggest smile on my face.

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