Lacking motivation? Surround yourself with the RIGHT people

Behind the scenes a lot of things are happening and new projects are in the pipeline for 321 Artists, but when it comes to updating our social media or blog, there’s been a radio silence. And one of the reasons behind this is a loss of motivation, and we’re not afraid or ashamed to say that, as everyone in the industry goes through the exact same. But we’ve recently come out the other side of this and we’ve rediscovered our motivation and passion for what we’re doing, and that’s because we’ve reminded ourselves to surround ourselves with the right people.

It can be quite confusing for artists to go through quiet periods. You could have just released an EP, and have a massive buzz around you for a couple of weeks before and after, you could have a sold out release show, and then eventually that buzz will die off, and you’ll be sat there thinking ‘What happens now?’. And when you stop and there isn’t much in the pipeline, or people aren’t replying to your emails as urgently, it can be tough to keep yourself motivated and maintain a positive mindset about your project. This might mean your social media suffers as a result, and could have negative impacts.

As soon as I felt as if my motivation was slipping for what I was doing, I took it straight back to the beginning and sat and thought about why I wanted to do this in the first place. I reconnected with people from the beginning of my journey within the music industry and spent time listening to what they had been doing, listening to their perseverance, and how far they had come since I had last spoken to them. It was exciting to see them so excited about what they’re doing.

I went back to one of the proudest moments of my career which was my first school talk, and had coffee with a student who I met there who is in a band, and they have just released their first EP and had their first sold out release show. I could see his passion and it was infectious. I was excited by what he was telling me.

As if it was perfect timing, this weekend is BBC Introducing Live and on Thursday I spent the day surrounded by hundreds of people within the industry, whether they are artists, work in the industry, or are studying music. Every single one of those people, including me, was there to network, learn and feel part of a community. I bumped into so many artists I had worked with before, or people who had purchased consultancy sessions with us, or people within the industry who have supported me previously. I was able to take the student from the school talk as my guest so he could experience the event. I was invited by AIM and BBC Introducing to be part of their feedback centre, and I was meeting artists who all wanted to take the next step in their careers.

After stopping and taking the time to remind myself why I set up 321 Artists and our ambitions for the company, I realised that it’s these people that we’re doing this for - it’s for the people who are attending these events who want to learn more, it’s for the students I meet at our school talks, and the people who invest in 321 Artists and trust us to support and educate them. Without surrounding myself by the people who I have in the past few weeks, it would have been a lot harder for me to see that.

If you’re currently feeling like you’re in a rut, go back to the beginning. Remind yourself why you wanted this, and remind yourself how much you’ve achieved already. Everyone goes through periods of doubt, it’s natural, it’s how you fight that doubt that allows you to achieve even more.

Ella x

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