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Audio Production

Jacob Price is our in-house  producer/mixer/editor. Jacob has over 6 years experience working with audio. From indie to soul to hip-hop to ambient and experimental, Jacob has incredible versatility to follow a brief and create what you’re hearing in your head. Whether you need music for an advertisement, for a social media campaign, or you need a beat for your next single, Jacob can work with you to create the vision.  Working to an extremely high quality, Jacob will spend time collecting influences and discuss ideas with you in depth, before creating the beat.︎︎︎

Art/Design Production

As well as being our in-house audio producer, Jacob Price is also our graphic designer at 321 Artists. He is a digital illustrator, and has painted a number of single and album artworks for his own musical projects as well as many other clients. So if you’re looking for artwork for your releases, social media assets or posters for your next gig - Jacob is your man. ︎︎︎

EPK Creation/Assistance

With a high quality EPK full of all the right things, you may have more of a chance of achieving these opportunities compared to others who have rushed through theirs, or simply don’t have one.  We can take your assets, and we can create a high quality, industry standard EPK, full of all the correct and important information that the industry look for. ︎︎︎


Ellie is a portrait and live photographer based in Buckinghamshire. Describing her photography as “artistic, contemporary, atmospheric”, Ellie tailors every job to the client in hand. ︎︎︎

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