This week has been a really exciting week for us, as we introduced a new member of the team to 321 Artists - meet our intern, Maisy.

After leaving school at the age of 18, I didn’ t really know what I wanted to do with myself, and my dad saw an internship being advertised on Facebook to work for a platform for emerging artists, and he bugged me to apply for it. It was that internship that sparked the love for the music industry that I never realised I had.

Working with emerging artists and discovering new music every day and it being classed as ‘work’, was, and still is, such an exciting way to spend your day, and I made friends during that internship that I still have today three years later.

If it wasn’t for that internship that I did, I would have no absolutely no clue about the variety of roles within the music industry, they don’t teach you that in school. It’s either you’re a musician or you’re not. When I set up 321 Artists, I knew I wanted to change that outlook for young people, because they are the next generation of artist managers, audio producers, talent scouts, and so much more.

It would have been easy for us to put calls out on social media for interns for 321 Artists and sign up someone who had experience in the music industry already, but we wanted to hire someone who just had that passion. We put a post in the Facebook group for our town looking for young people with that passion, and the response we got was incredible. I spoke to so many young people who just wanted to learn, and explore the emergy music industry further than scrolling through well-known artists on Spotify.

Maisy is going to be working with us over the next few weeks, and I feel incredibly lucky that I am in a position to teach someone and give them the same opportunities I was so grateful to receive at her age. And we’re not looking to stop here, we want to offer this opportunity to so many young people.

Watch this space.

Ella x


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