321 Artists introduces illustrator Jade Newman-Turner

We’re really excited to announce our team is growing again, and we’ve invited illustrator Jade Newman-Turner to join our team.

As soon as we were introduced to Jade and her work, we knew straight away she would be a perfect fit for the team, and her services would be perfect for artists in the current world we’re living in. We’re completely in awe of her work, she performs beyond expectations for every piece she’s created for us, and we knew many other artists would benefit from her joining the team.

While we slowly move into a sense of normality, we’re all making the right steps to prepare for new releases and opportunities, so introducing Jade to the team, means that you can create artwork for your new releases you’ve been working on during lockdown, and give them a whole new lease of life with show-stopping artwork.

If you’re interested in Jade creating artwork, or promotional assets such as posters or social media graphics, you can contact her via our contact form.

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