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321 Artists is a management and development hub for emerging artists. We provide artists with the guidance they require before ‘launching’ into the music industry. With services such as management, consultancy, coaching, audio production, graphic design, photography and videography, we introduce the tools artists require in order to grow in not only exposure and success, but with confidence and organisation.

Both founders of 321 Artists have extensive experience working within the music industry, and are both confident in the advice they are providing to these rising artists. Jacob has been in numerous bands since the age of 14, covering a range of genres, with his performance and production going on to be featured in NME Magazine and on BBC Radio 1. Ella has been working with and managing artists since the age of 18, learning everything she knows with her personal experiences and determination.

321 Artists has also been invited to be part of multiple music conferences such as BBC Introducing Live, Soundcity, and Pivotal, as well as actively working in schools across the country teaching and inspiring the next generation of the music industry.


Ella is the resident artist manager at 321 Artists, currently managing Lucy Mair, and previously managing Blushes. She began working with emerging artists at the age of 18 with a Summer work experience placement working for a platform offering artists live and sync opportunities. After 6 months, she discovered a band called Blushes who she knew she had to be involved with who she later went on to manage. Within six months, the band were in NME, and played on BBC Radio 1. From there, she decided she wanted to advise even more artists, and began a consultancy services, and that was where 321 Artists was born.

After seeing so many artists make the same mistakes, and knowing the organisation and determination is required from artists, Ella was (and very much still is) on a mission to ensure artists have the tools they need to succeed within the industry.

You can get in touch with Ella here.


Jacob Price is a musician, audio producer and digital illustrator, as well as being the co-founder of 321 Artists.

Jacob has been in bands since the age of 14, playing drums, and like most artists, took on the role of manager when he didn’t have a management team to support him and his bandmates.

Alongside the music, Jacob is a graphic designer and digital illustrator, using his skills to coincide with his music work, creating artwork and visual assets for his projects, such as gig posters, social media assets and EPKs.

Jacob also has experience in audio production, having a complete variety of genres and styles he can work in, allowing him to be experimental and flexible in the projects he can undertake.

His pure enthusiasm and passion for music, and the understanding of the difficulties involved with being an emerging artist allows Jacob to be able to understand how to complete a project to the required standard expected by those within the music industry. 

You can get in touch with Jacob here.





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