We filmed a music video with 50 people during lockdown


It can be difficult to be optimistic about how to record a music video during lockdown, not being able to go many places or be around many people, so when HUNYBEES told me they wanted to film a music video with 50 extras… to say I was skeptical (and concerned) was an understatement...

But with more conversation and planning, the idea formed quickly and didn’t seem as unrealistic as I first thought. I was completely in awe of their excitement and perserverence, and secretly, I knew they’d completely pull it off. 

There was only ever two people who would be crazy enough to work with HUNYBEES on this project, Bradley Martin and Hannah Brown.

Both had worked on the band’s previous music video, and instantly took on the challenge. The extras were contacted, the lyrics were divvied out, and the video was ready to film.

Bradley spent two days travelling around our local town, recording 50 people dancing on their doorsteps, whilst maintaining social distance at all times. To see so many people enjoying themselves and get involved with a project that initially sounded a bit crazy, was so warming. People are desperate for a distraction, and if they can paint some lyrics on a bit of cardboard and dance around on their driveways, then I’m happy we’ve given them that opportunity to escape, for the purpose of art.. ;)

The final video is four and a half minutes of happiness and a clear reminder of how important friends and family and the community around you is, even from a two metre distance.

“I loved working with the dream team that is Bradley and Hannah once again. The footage, to go along with track, looks stunning thanks to them. The video added a whole new importance to the song for me, as it captures the smiles of the people that I’m really missing during lockdown but also meant I could connect with members of the public that asked to be in the video, chatting about their stories of how they’re finding this strange time. It’s nice to feel some sort of normality - a normality of 2m apart of course.” says lead vocalist Charlie.

HUNYBEES faced a situation and persevered and not only created a wonderful music video for their single, but also created an opportunity to highlight the importance of community.



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