As we’re now fully in the festival application season, one of the most common questions we get asked is how you should apply for festivals, so we have written an email template for when you’re emailing festivals, to help make sure you’re including everything you need!

Before we go into the email template, here are a few top tips to remember when you’re applying for festivals:

  • Do your research and ensure sure the festival is relevant to the music you make - if you’re an indie band, and you cannot see any other indie bands on their previous line ups, you’re probably not the best fit, and your application is going to be deleted instantly, so don’t waste your time!
  • Every festival has a different application process, include everything they ask for - each festival will ask for different things in your submission, so a blanket email to all festivals isn’t going to work. Take the time to apply to each festival individually, check their website and ensure your application includes everything they ask for.
  • Make a spreadsheet noting the festivals you’ve applied for - by having it all written down, this means you don’t end up applying for the same festival multiple times, you know exactly when you applied. You can also note the dates and locations of the festivals you are applying for.


Hi, (If you know the name of the respondent, always include it. This instantly creates a personal feel.)

I would love to put myself forward for consideration to play at this year’s ‘321 Festival’. (Always mention the name of the festival. Proves it’s not a copy and paste job) I can see you previously had Artist A, Artist B and Artist C (This proves you have done your research into the festival and know you are appropriate for the line up.) perform, so I think my style/music would fit in perfectly.

Taking influence from Amy Winehouse, Carole King and Billie Holiday, (by noting influences of FFO’s, this instantly gives the festival an idea of what they can expect from you) I am a singer songwriter from Buckinghamshire. (Always include your location, especially if the festival is close to your hometown.). I play keys, have a guitarist and use a loop pedal when performing live (give them an idea of your live set up and what they can expect - do you have anything in your live set up which is rare or makes you stand out?), to build up driving rhythms with lush and complex vocal harmonies.

I have played at venues such as The Ritzy, The Ned and Proud Camden, supported Tom Walker and Keir, and have performed at festivals such as Standon Calling, Truck (BBC Introducing stages) and Pub in the Park. (Give brief information about your previous performance history - gives the festival an idea of the level of shows you are currently playing, and the stage you’d be appropriate for.)

My latest single 'Being Pretty Was Fun' received critical acclaim from Clash, It's All Indie, On The Record, Vents Magazine and BBC Introducing. (Mention who you have received support from) You can watch the music video for Being Pretty Was Fun, premiered by Eurphoria Magazine, here. (Create hyperlinks rather than clogging the email with long links)

To get a better idea of my live performance, you can watch my full live set here. (Always include a link to a live performance, whether it’s from a show or a rehearsal - the festival need to know what they are buying into) and you can also read my EPK here. (Link them to an EPK - never attach the doc. If you don’t have an EPK, create shareable folder festivals can access with biography, images, music and videos if you have them.)

Here are some testimonials from some promoters I have recently performed for:

“______ was a great addition to our show. She was very efficient, and great to work with. Her performance was beautiful, the audience were very attentive, we can’t wait to have her perform again!” - Promoter A

“________ supported us on our tour and she had great energy and kept the crowd engaged” - Band A

“___ invited us to see her perform at ___ and she was brilliant. Her songs were incredibly catchy, and the audience were in the palm of her hands. Highlight of the night” - Blog A

(Including testimonials means festival have real opinions from other people you’ve worked with, adds weight to your application, and is something a lot of artists don’t include in their pitches, makes you stand out.)

It would be great if you could consider me  - I can be available any of the days of the festival. Please let me know if you need any more assets from me at this stage.

Thanks very much for your time,


(Include social media links and website if you have one here)

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