Social media is tough. The amount of platforms there are out there that you could promote yourself on and you’re expected to keep active is a bit of a headache, so a lot of artists tend to prioritise. A lot of artists I have worked with often prioritise Instagram and when I ask about Facebook, they sink in their seats and say “We don’t really use our Facebook page”.

Although Facebook can seem to be the hardest to grow, and the toughest to get engagement on, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools you can have as an artist, if you use it properly.

In my previous role as a talent scout, if I discovered an artist, the first place I’d go to find out more was their Facebook page. Why? Because it has everything on it - contact details, upcoming shows, photos, videos.. It’s all going to be there (hopefully). It’s your EPK without having to contact you for it. You never know who’s discovering you, so here’s a few tips for you to make sure your Facebook page is tip top, without much effort from you.

Fill out your About section

If you do anything, please do this. Just an email address. I’ve been in the position so many times where I’ve wanted to give an artist opportunity but I haven’t been able to because they don’t have any contact details on their page, and industry most of the time don’t want to private message as they don’t want to share their personal profiles. You can insert your biography, links to your other socials, merchandise, and you can also insert information about your genre, band members if appropriate as well as your label or other agencies you may be working with.

Keep your pinned post up to date

Don’t forget about the power of your pinned post! This is the first thing people will see when they go onto your page, so if you’ve got a new release or big show coming up that you want to shout about, stick this as your pinned post to attract as much engagement with it as possible. People are lazy and won’t scroll through for information, so if it’s right in front of them, they’ve got no excuse!

Keep it active!

If you can’t be bothered to juggle your Instagram and your Facebook page, you can link to the two and your Instagram app will give you the option to automatically share your Instagram posts to Facebook. This means that you are keeping both platforms up to date, whilst doing half the work! Similarly if you’re using third party scheduling platforms (we use Hootsuite), it’s no extra effort to tick Facebook and that will keep your page looking active. You are going to have a different audience on each platform, so it’s important to keep as many people engaged and updated as possible.

Make it as easy as possible! 

If you’ve got something vital to share, don’t expect people to go through multiple links to get there, as we say, people are lazy. If you want people to watch your music video, don’t ask them to have to go onto a different link, because they won’t. Upload your music video directly to Facebook, and the video will instantly start playing on your post. Similar with events, make sure you’re made a host of the event, and this will make sure all your upcoming events are on your Facebook page on your Events tab, which is not only great for industry looking at your page to know, but also people who have just discovered you to instantly know where they can see you perform.

Share all your press and features

It can be really hard to keep on top of features and remembering to post them on all your platforms, but if Facebook is where industry tend to lurk, make Facebook the priority for sharing achievements and features. It shows the support and desire around you, and it shows gratitude to those who have supported and featured you, making them more inclined to help you again in future.

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