Dear Blushes

Dear Blushes,

Today is the third anniversary of you starting as a band, and today you’ve released your final single ‘Close’ before parting ways. I’ve thought so much about everything we all achieved, together and individually within the time we worked together and man, I have the biggest smile on my face.

I discovered you just before Christmas in 2016 by randomly coming across your Twitter page, and knew straight away that you guys knew exactly what you wanted, where you were going, what your intentions were. I initially emailed you inviting you to get involved with Secret Sessions, like I had hundreds of artists before you, but this time it was different.

Because fast forward a few months, and I’d be sat in a cereal cafe with your manager, discussing how I could get involved with your journey. I started working on your social media, organising radio interviews, TV appearances and later your gigs. All of which I had absolutely no experience of. But you gave me the opportunity to learn how to do all of those things and more.

Although I was younger than you all, you never made me feel smaller than you. You had so much patience and gratitude for me and the work I was doing for you. We quickly became a team, and that was pretty great.

A few months later, circumstances changed, and I was left making a decision as to whether I could manage you full time at the age of 18. And thank god I said yes. Who knew that a couple of months later, you would have been played on BBC Radio 1, had a feature from NME, and were out on your first UK tour, that I had organised. (Those times in our little tour van, were some of my favourite memories with you.) And then we had a photoshoot with NME, and you had a 4 PAGE SPREAD IN THE MAGAZINE. You had 4 full pages in NME magazine, easily one of the biggest and proudest achievements of my life.

If it wasn’t for you, I would never have realised that music is what I needed to do in life, and 321 Artists wouldn’t have come to existence. By giving me the opportunity to learn so much, you’ve allowed so many more artists to learn, and that’s so special. I’ve met some incredible people that I wouldn’t have met without you, seen places I may not have seen, and learnt more than I could have possibly ever imagined.

But more important than anything, I met four incredibly kind, creative and insanely talented individuals who deserved everything they achieved and more. I lost count, how many people have come up to me in the past couple of years “These guys are incredible”, “they’re such nice people”, “they smashed that”. I can assure you that I have been the proudest manager you ever will find. It’s been so special being part of your journey, and I know for sure this isn’t the end for any of us.

Ella x

To listen to Blushes’ new single ‘Close’, you can stream it on Spotify here

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