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Audio Production


We have a team of producers across the country ready to work with you on your next project.  From indie to soul to hip-hop to ambient and experimental, we have incredible versatility to follow a brief and create what you’re hearing in your head. Whether you need music for an advertisement, for a social media campaign, or you need a beat for your next single, we can work with you to create the vision.  Working to an extremely high quality, we will spend time collecting influences and discuss ideas with you in depth, before creating the beat.


Don’t want to spend all that time sorting out take folders for a vocal session, when you could be writing and recording your next track? Hearing some infuriating problems with those takes that sounded great at the time? Got a massive project with hundreds of tracks that needs organizing without the stress?  See if we can help pinpoint and iron out all these less creative issues too.


You’ve got the idea, the arrangement and recording down. All the audio is there, it just needs the next step to put everything in its right place.
A fresh perspective on the track, with your direction and audio goals in mind, can eliminate all the negative aspects that this part of the process can bring.
You’ve got all the right ingredients chopped up and ready for the delicious, fresh, ear-watering musical hot-pot you want it to be. We are confident we can be the chef to cook it up and make that audible feast happen - from single tracks to an EP or even an album. 

Feedback Action

Perhaps you’ve got a mix back but its not quite where you’d like it to be, or there’s something not right about it and would like to see if a new set of ears can pick it out and remedy what you’re thinking. Or on the more conceptual side, if you’ve got an idea and want to work with another mind to make that chorus hit that bit harder, or get the track to flow from section to section a bit more, we can help you out.
We don’t mean one sentence telling you that ‘the vocals sound really cool’, we mean an in depth feedback sheet going through each part of the idea you want help with, a full explanation of thought and process, and should you wish - action on that feedback. 

If you would like to find out more about our services, or get a quote for your project, please fill out our contact form.

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