Seb Garber is our in-house animator, bringing the story behind your music to life by creating unforgetable 2D animated music videos. 

Seb Garber is the owner of Garber Animations; a freelance animation company that create short films, particularly 2D animation. Seb Garber has been working within animation for the past 4 years, under various different elements of the production process including; story telling/storyboarding, directing, editing, lighting and colour science. He specialises in a unique style of 2D animation, offering a refreshing way in which to capture the eye of an audience and tell a detailed story within a short period of time.

Whether you have clear ideas of how you want the final product to look, or you would like Seb to create his own interpretations, he will work closely with you to ensure he creates a completely individualistic visual to present your track. 

You can see examples fo Seb’s work below, and if you would like to speak to Seb about your own project, you can fill out our
contact form.


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