Growing up I thought a career in the music industry was being on stage in front of thousands of people. I hadn’t really thought about what happened behind the scenes, or how anyone would ever find themselves in those roles. To this day, if I hadn’t been approached for a role within the music industry, I still wonder how, and if, I would have ended up in music.

At the age of 18, I was working for an events and artist networking platform, interacting with hundreds of emerging artists every week. It became clear quite quickly how much knowledge independent artists are expected to know in the early stages of their musical career, and I learnt that this knowledge wasn’t readily available for artists.

I then found myself accidentally fall into an artist management role, not knowing the first thing about artist management, and again, I realised how little information there is available to people wanting to explore the industry. There are new artists and bands developing every single day, and people aspiring to manage these artists, yet they are instantly expected to know everything to succeed - where are the resources for them to learn from?

This is what inspired me to set up 321 Artists. We are a developmental hub for emerging artists, giving them the knowledge and guidance they need in order to launch into their new and exciting careers as musicians. From offering one-on-one consultancy sessions to graphic design and audio production services to provide artists with the highest quality promotional assets, we’re invested in helping artists give themselves the best possible first steps into the industry.

As well as supporting emerging artists, we coach and mentor aspiring artist managers, giving them the tools they need to manage artists effectively and provide them with the guidance and encouragement that is often forgotten about. By visiting schools and events, we are also on a mission to educate and inspire the next generation of the music industry - and reminding them there are many opportunities off the stage, not just on it.

321 Artists is a community of creatives who want better for themselves and those around them. It’s an opportunity for growth and progression and success - and we’re nowhere near finished.

Have a look around our website - we have a blog series called ‘321 Artists Meets’ where we speak to industry professionals and ask the questions artists are desperate to ask, we have free guides which you can download and absorb knowledge from, and you can also find a list of the services we offer.

So if you’re ready.. 3… 2… 1… Lift off.

Ella x

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