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321 Artists introduces animator, Seb Garber

We’re really excited to announce a brand new team member joining 321 Artists - Seb Garber is joining the team as our in-house animator.

During these strange and uncertain times, we wanted to introduce a service that can benefit artists while they’re at home.

A lot of artists are currently trying to work on releases and trying to work out how they can incorporate visuals and music videos whilst being in lockdown restrictions, so we have invited our friend Seb to join the team to create stunning animated music videos, bringing the story of your lyrics to live in the form of 2D animation.

Seb Garber is the owner of Garber Animations; a freelance animation company that create short films, particularly 2D animation. Seb Garber has been working within animation for the past 4 years, under various different elements of the production process including; story telling/storyboarding, directing, editing, lighting and colour science. He specialises in a unique style of 2D animation, offering a refreshing way in which to capture the eye of an audience and tell a detailed story within a short period of time.

“ 321 is a fantastic platform for up and coming artists and I'm really excited to be working with them. The thought of creating inspiring music videos is a unique prospect and I look forward to creating them with artists.”

You can view an example of his work, “Dream Big but Live Bigger” below.


For more information about Seb’s services you can view his page here, and you can contact Seb with enquiries here.

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