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321 ARTISTS MEETS: Alex Cole

As a Music and Entertainment Lawyer, this week’s guest Alex Cole has huge experience in reading over contracts for musicians, including emerging artists. Whether it’s an artist management contract, a contract for a gig or sync placement agreement, these are really important to have, and it’s even more important that these are read over properly before signed.

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321 ARTISTS MEETS: Charlie Ashcroft

We are absolutely thrilled to say this week’s guest on 321 Artists Meets is Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft, king of new music. As well as his work in radio, Charlie is also a music curator for BT.

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321 ARTISTS MEETS: Samantha Daly

Our guest for this week’s 321 Artists Meets is the wonderful Samantha Daly, from the equally as wonderful Syncr. Syncr is a company that provides emerging artists with not only sync opportunities, but also blog and Spotify playlist opportunities.

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321 ARTISTS MEETS: Chris Rogers

In this week’s 321 Artists Meets, we’re speaking to Chris Rogers, founder of Fat Penguin Management, and Pivotal Music Conference. We spoke about the importance of networking within the music industry and the work Chris does for the new music scene in Birmingham.

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321 ARTISTS MEETS: Nikki Camilleri

In this week’s 321 Artists Meets, we’re speaking to Nikki Camilleri, Global Head of Scouting and A&R Manager UK at Believe. Working within A&R, means it is Nikki’s responsibility to discover artists who may be appropriate to release on a variety of deals from distribution through to independent record deals.

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321 Artists Meets: Alex Rogers (BBC Radio 1)

Ella asks about everything from pluggers to BBC Introducing with Alex Rogers, who has worked as a radio producer for the UK’s biggest radio station. 

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321 Artists Meets: Into The Grooves

321 Artists stemmed from the passion and desire to support emerging artists from a young age, and that is a similar story to Into The Grooves founder Lucy McCourt. At just 16, Lucy began writing and selling her slick and in-demand music magazine Into The Grooves. We had a chat about starting a business young, and some tips for emerging artists.

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